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Theatre Unleashed presents Only The Moon Howls by Dean Farell Bruggeman

This producer is a member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles

Jake and Whitney were that perfect couple, certain to defy the odds and actually grow old together…except, they didn’t. Though it’s never easy to say goodbye after 15 years of love and marriage, what if you never even get the chance? Which shared history morphs into warm nostalgia, and which into bitter regret? Join Jake and Whitney as they navigate their journey together on a winding road of remembrance, where any of the details can shift and change, except the ending. Theatre Unleashed is proud to present the acclaimed drama Only the Moon Howls from playwright Dean Farell Bruggeman.


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  • Dean Farell Bruggeman
  • Eric Cire*
    Director, Set Design
  • Gregory Crafts*^i 
    Producer, Lighting Design
  • Kate Dyler*
  • Margaret Fitzgibbon Glaccum*
    The Guide
  • Brandie June*
    Costume Design
  • Sammi Lappin*
    The Guide
  • Michael Lutheran*
    Jake / Marketing
  • Aaron Lyons
    Sound Design
  • Jim Martyka* 
  • Carey Matthews*
  • Madeleine Miller*
    The Guide
  • Julia Plostnieks*
  • Graydon Schlichter*
    The Guide
  • Erin Scott*
    Stage Manager
  • Eric Stachura*
    u/s The Guide


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