Graydon Schlichter Releases Audiobook of City of Devils by Staci Layne Wilson

Graydon Schlichter Releases Audiobook of City of Devils by Staci Layne Wilson

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Graydon Schlichter Releases Audiobook of City of Devils by Staci Layne Wilson

TU ensemble member and Resident Sound Designer Graydon Schlichter has released his latest audiobook, the unabridged rendition of acclaimed author Staci Layne Wilson’s City of Devils: 13 Tales of the Uncanny, Unlucky & Unholy: A horror anthology. Set in an around the infamous City of Angels, the tales contained in this volume boil down to this, “Los Angeles and Lucifer are a lot alike. They both seduce and lure with promises of wealth, fame, beauty or love. But those promises are often empty; and even when they’re not, there’s a price to pay.” And readers have been enjoying these creepy tales. “From the Lynchian, almost dreamlike poignancy of Tasty Waves to the gut-wrenching Lansdalian endings of the lead-off story He Was Asking for It and its follow-up Based on a True Story, Wilson pulls absolutely no punches.”

For those familiar with LA’s foibles and fascinations you’ll recognize “the anxieties, stresses, passion, humour and outright horror of living the lifestyle” of Southern California that pepper this “delightfully dark and fun” collection.  As one reader put it, “Staci Layne Wilson has once again written a page turner of horror stories set in the real city of devils, which she knows so well. Shades of Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King and even Dashiell Hammett permeate through the book. The stories are smart, sassy, seductive and scary.”  And now established fans and newcomers alike can grab the audiobook collection of these chilling vignettes to enjoy for themselves.

About Graydon Schlichter 

Graydon Schlichter has loved audiobooks almost since before he could easily pronounce the term.  Declaring at the age of six that “one day that’ll be me on the tape” he got it mostly correct. Although… actual tapes are pretty rare these days.  As a voice over artist, Graydon has happily recorded cranky gnomes, gruff soldiers, helpful handy folks, and others, but rare is the time when he isn’t part way through one narration or another.

For the Los Angeles Horror Anthology completionist, you can check out Hell Comes to Hollywood and the cleverly titled sequel Hell Comes to Hollywood 2 the latter featuring an original short story by Mr. Schlichter himself titled This is a Recording, both collections co-narrated by Ms. Jennifer Knighton.  Leaving LA behind, take to the open road in 18 Wheels of Horror, once again featuring the talents of Ms. Knighton.

If Lovecraftian horror is more you style, don’t miss The Drinker of Suffering, by A. M. F. This disturbing, modern tale centers on one person’s search for meaning and greater Truth. The descends into the swirling darkness he discovers at the edges of everything he thought he knew.  Pulp lovers might enjoy the Nick Caine Adventures, beginning with Temple of the Jaguar. An action packed romp through deepest jungle co-written, by Aiden James, and J. R. Rain.  The classic thriller enthusiast should look up In Their Blood, by Sharon Potts. A chilling story of accidental death that begins to unravel into something…more.  Find these and all of Graydon’s titles on Amazon, Audible and itunes, or by clicking the links above.

About Staci Layne Wilson

Staci Layne Wilson is an award-winning filmmaker Cabaret of the Dead, Psycho Therapy, The Night Plays Tricks and an Amazon #1 bestselling author So L.A. – A Hollywood Memoir. She wrote, produced and hosted three entertainment talk shows online: This Week In Movies, Inside Horror, and Dread Central Live. She has been featured on the BBC, Bravo, Reelz, M-TV, CNN (and many more) as a film historian and author.


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