Ann Hurd to appear on People Magazine Investigates

Ann Hurd to appear on People Magazine Investigates

TU member Ann Hurd loves a good true crime drama. So she was super excited when she booked a gig on People Magazine Investigates. In this episode she plays the mother, Jenny, in this true crime retelling of the Children of Thunder cult. The backstory of these brothers can best to told by the reporters and investigation experts on the show. So be sure to tune in Monday, January 28th on Investigation Discovery at 10pm or you can catch it on Amazon Prime.

About Ann Hurd

Ann Hurd is a NY-native who is an artist of many talents. She acts. She produces. She directs. And she’s currently Theatre Unleashed’s Resident Scenic Artist and has been a member since 2013. On stage, you may have seen Ann on TU’s mainstage as Judy in the 2015 production of It’s A Wonderful Life or as Valerie in Cannibals, Alone or in TU’s Late Night Series Playtime as Lena Hudson when she played a wizard bounty hunter in Wizard Bounty Hunter.  She has also written and performed her own solo performance, Remember My Name, which she is currently in the process of expanding into a one-act play. In front of the camera, Ann’s work includes a selection of Buzzfeed videos, several shorts with Hold For Plane Pictures, as well as television spots.

About People Magazine Investigates

Investigation Discovery and People magazine partner to re-examine some of the most high profile crime cases in recent history. The one-hour series brings viewers tales of betrayal, buried secrets and unsung heroes, ripped from the pages of one of the nation’s top weekly magazines. These stories transcended news and became part of pop culture, revealing shocking twists, new evidence, and unexpected resolutions. Interlaced within every episode are exclusive interviews with People’s journalists, archival footage, re-creations, and firsthand accounts by those closest to the investigations.

Ann Hurd joins cast of Chronicle, a Star Trek fan audio production

Ann Hurd joins cast of Chronicle, a Star Trek fan audio production

TU member, Ann Hurd has joined the cast of Chronicle, a Star Trek Fan Audio Production, written by David MacDowell Blue. “Join four young officers aboard the USS WITCH OF ENDOR, the fastest ship Starfleet has ever had, venturing into a part of space where the Federation has never been before. Well, they went there once before. Just the once. No one knows what happened. Yesterday is waiting for the starship and her crew.”

Ann has taken on the role of Ens. Athena Azurian, who is an Exobiologist. She is passionate yet stoic, stubborn but loyal. Ann is thrilled to be part of this project as it’s been a long time dream of hers to be on an episode of Star Trek. Perhaps this will help pave the way there.

The series is currently in production and is expected to air in June 2019. It will be posted to YouTube and Vimeo.

(The image is concept art of Ens. Azurian with the ship, USS Witch of Endor.)

About Ann Hurd

At Theatre Unleashed, Ann Hurd is best known for her performance as Val in Cannibals Alone by Steph DeFerie. She has also performed in a handful of films with its sister film production company, Hold For Plane Pictures. You may also spot her on an upcoming episode of People Magazine Investigates in February on Investigation Discovery.  Check out her website to see her in action!

Ann Hurd is managed by Hollywood Original Talent and is currently seeking representation.

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