Sammi Lappin Guest Stars on New Episode of The Bright Sessions

Sammi Lappin Guest Stars on New Episode of The Bright Sessions

Company member Sammi Lappin (The Devil’s Bride, Sleeping Around, Friends Like These) guest stars on the latest episode of the popular audio drama podcast, The Bright Sessions, which dropped today. You can listen to Sammi in ‘The Bright Sides – Patient #2-B-4’ on Spotify.

The Bright Sessions, created and written by Lauren Shippen, is a science fiction podcast that follows a group of therapy patients. But these are not your typical patients – each has a unique supernatural ability. The show documents their struggles and discoveries as well as the motivations of their mysterious therapist, Dr. Bright. The main series of the show concluded last year and, due to popular demand, the production has continued releasing  ‘bonus’ episodes, highlighting other patients of Dr. Bright’s. Sammi guest stars as one of Dr. Bright’s first patients: the sweet, sarcastic, and misunderstood teen, Rory.

This episode of The Bright Sessions was written by Mischa Stanton, who also heads the podcast collective, The Whisperforge. Sammi appeared on the Whisperforge’s SciFi drama ars Paradoxica last year, and will be joining the main cast of their new, award winning SciFi comedy series, StarTripper!! this summer.

Brandie June flexes fashion muscle with Project Nunway LA

Brandie June flexes fashion muscle with Project Nunway LA

Brandie June, along with co-designer Erica Palay, has joined Project Nunway LA  as a designer for their charity fashion show happening later this month. Project Nunway LA is an event presented by the Los Angeles Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence where designers encouraged to “to stretch the absolute limits of their boundaries to create one surrealistic look that bends the perceptions of reality, ignites the senses, and tells a story while the model and garment make their way through our three-ring circus themed Nunway.” This year’s theme is Cirque Des Soeurs (Circus of Sisters) and promises to be a memorable evening with special guest performances and an after party following the runway show. All proceeds from Project Nunway LA will be going to Alliance for Housing and Healing, which provides provided vitally needed housing and support services to people struggling with mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and homelessness in Los Angeles.


About Brandie June

Brandie initially joined Theatre Unleashed as an actor, before branching out into costume design and playwriting. Her first stand-alone play, a dark comedy about Oscar Wilde, premiered last summer at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She loves storytelling in all sorts of formats and spends her days marketing animated movies and her lunch breaks writing fantasy novels in coffee shops. Her first novel, one involving a cursed toad and creatures of mythology, is currently being submitted to publishers by her agent, Steve Hutson of WordWide Media Services. You can follow her at  or @brandiejune.


About Project Nunway

Project Nunway LA: Cirque Des Soeurs will be January 26, 2019 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at Vertigo Event Space in Glendale. Additional information and link to buy tickets are here.

Ann Hurd joins cast of Chronicle, a Star Trek fan audio production

Ann Hurd joins cast of Chronicle, a Star Trek fan audio production

TU member, Ann Hurd has joined the cast of Chronicle, a Star Trek Fan Audio Production, written by David MacDowell Blue. “Join four young officers aboard the USS WITCH OF ENDOR, the fastest ship Starfleet has ever had, venturing into a part of space where the Federation has never been before. Well, they went there once before. Just the once. No one knows what happened. Yesterday is waiting for the starship and her crew.”

Ann has taken on the role of Ens. Athena Azurian, who is an Exobiologist. She is passionate yet stoic, stubborn but loyal. Ann is thrilled to be part of this project as it’s been a long time dream of hers to be on an episode of Star Trek. Perhaps this will help pave the way there.

The series is currently in production and is expected to air in June 2019. It will be posted to YouTube and Vimeo.

(The image is concept art of Ens. Azurian with the ship, USS Witch of Endor.)

About Ann Hurd

At Theatre Unleashed, Ann Hurd is best known for her performance as Val in Cannibals Alone by Steph DeFerie. She has also performed in a handful of films with its sister film production company, Hold For Plane Pictures. You may also spot her on an upcoming episode of People Magazine Investigates in February on Investigation Discovery.  Check out her website to see her in action!

Ann Hurd is managed by Hollywood Original Talent and is currently seeking representation.

Gregory Crafts pens new 10-minute play for Force Of Nature’s Once Upon a RUSH

Gregory Crafts pens new 10-minute play for Force Of Nature’s Once Upon a RUSH

TU’s Managing Director Gregory Crafts has written a new ten-minute play for Force of Nature Productions‘ upcoming Once Upon a RUSH. Similar to Theatre Unleashed’s signature 24-hour shows, the theme for this incarnation of the Rushes is “Disney Princesses and what happens after ‘Happily Ever After.'”

The new piece, titled Be Our Guest, is a raucous parody inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, follows Prince Adam’s former servants and explores what they’ve been up to since Adam and Belle’s nuptials. The show features FoN members Benjamin Scuglia as Cogsworth, Susan Dziama as Featherduster/The White Rabbit, Hettie Lynne Hurtes as Mrs. Potts, and Heidi Appe as The Wardrobe/Terk. Jonathan Fahn directs and lends his voice to Jiminy Cricket.

Once Upon a RUSH will be performed February 21st-24th at The Belfry Stage in North Hollywood, CA. For information about tickets and performance times, please check


About Gregory Crafts

Gregory Crafts has been writing original plays for over ten years. Three of his plays have landed with major publishing houses (Friends Like These, Super Sidekick: The Musical, Yellow Means Caution), and a fourth, Three Can Keep a Secret, is currently being shopped around. Through TU’s 24-hour shows and playwright-driven productions like Play/Time and Passages, he has written over thirty original ten-minute plays. He has a number of new scripts currently in development, including a superhero thriller tentatively titled Superior, a pair of musicals with writing partner Michael Gordon Shapiro, and a slapstick comedy about the worst Christmas Carol ever produced with fellow scribes Jim Blanchette and Jacob Smith. For more information about Greg or his plays, he recommends checking out his official website.


About The Rushes

Defining such an unusual event is best left to its creators: “Force of Nature started this tradition in 2016 when, on a fateful Wednesday, a theater owner friend asked if we had anything we could put up in his space for 3 days the following weekend. Not really known for saying “no”, we quickly contacted our team of writers with a challenge: To deliver a 10 minute script by the next morning about anything that inspired them. Scripts were turned in by noon on Thursday and a team of actors were called in to rehearse these scripts blindly that Saturday and Sunday. Costumes, make-up, sound and props were selected just as fast as we rehearsed along and by the following Thursday, exactly one week from when the scripts were delivered, we all came together to tech the show.  The show then opened on Friday and played the weekend to SOLD OUT houses each night!  The cast was fantastic, the audiences cheered and loved it, the theater owner was pleased and everyone had a wonderful time and we celebrated our accomplishment!”

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