Graydon Schlichter Stealths into LA’s Immersive Theatre Scene as part of Cold War Lounge: The Asset

Graydon Schlichter Stealths into LA’s Immersive Theatre Scene as part of Cold War Lounge: The Asset

As a bit of an armchair spy craft buff, no one could have written a more perfect piece to lure Graydon into an immersive experience than Cold War Lounge – The Asset.  And no one could have written it better than Nick Rheinwald-Jones of Spy Brunch, LLC. Graydon is having a blast with the process, and can’t wait to share it with audiences in early September.

From the website:

The creators of Safehouse ‘77, The Sideshow, and Grunge Shop Tavern team up for a brand-new experience  with Cold War Lounge: The Asset. For three nights only, Downtown LA’s Brack Shop Tavern will be transformed into a swinging ‘60s lounge, featuring custom cocktails, themed dining, and live music.  As you bask in the sexy and mysterious atmosphere, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open: you may find yourself at the center of a covert operation.

Tickets to Cold War Lounge: The Asset include a themed cocktail, access to an intimate VIP lounge with live musical performances, and an hour-long adventure including secret encounters with shadowy characters.

Focusing on the golden age of espionage, when the Americans and the Soviets gave their secret operatives free rein to fight a high-stakes war in the shadows of society, Cold War Lounge: The Asset gives participants the chance to experience the thrills, risks, and human drama that defined this era. A skilled cast of immersive performers portray operatives on all sides of the global conflict.

This experience is written by Nick Rheinwald-Jones and directed by Lyndsie Scoggin & Payden Ackerman, with art direction by Cam Sampson. The production is a collaboration between Spy Brunch LLC, CoAct Productions, and Sampson Creative Enterprises. Featured Performances by: Alex Demers, Deirdre Lyons-Butchko, Graydon Schlichter, Lauren Hayes, and Lyndsie Scoggin.

Ticketing information available here