The 2019 Tracey Collins Memorial Funny Girl Award

The 2019 Tracey Collins Memorial Funny Girl Award

Header photo credit: Matt Kamimura

Since 2016, Theatre Unleashed has presented an award at the annual Hollywood Fringe Festival in memory of member Tracey Collins. Tracey was a longstanding member of the TU ensemble, a tremendously talented and funny improviser and comedian who passed away unexpectedly in late 2015.

The Tracey Collins Memorial Funny Girl Award honors female performers that exemplify the  same fearless force on stage Tracey possessed. Someone who bravely takes risks and finds the funny in places we don’t expect. Someone who can carry a scene when needed, or deftly share an ensemble moment just as easily, all while connecting with audiences in a way that make them love her – and make them laugh.

Due to the sheer number of sponsored awards offered at Fringe every year, we were unable to honor our nominees or winner at the ceremony, but we are proud to share them with you here.

This year’s nominees for The Tracey Collins Memorial Funny Girl Award are:

  • Emily Clark, Come On Down
  • Emily Dorsett, The Mayor’s Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska
  • Kate Hellen, The Mayor’s Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska
  • Ember Everett, Public Domain: The Musical
  • Spencer Harte, Ride or Die: The Hip-Hop Musical

And the Winner of The 2019 Tracey Collins Memorial Funny Girl Award…


Kate Hellen as Dr. Maya Berenger in "The Mayor's Debate of Tranquility Nebraska"Emily Dorsett as Amber Raines in "The Mayor's Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska"

Kate Hellen & Emily Dorsett for The Mayor’s Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska!

This year’s talent pool was absolutely incredible, so much so, we couldn’t pick just one from this very talented and deserving field. Kate & Emily, please contact us at [email protected] to collect your award.

Congratulations to Kate and Emily, to all of our nominees, and Funny Girls everywhere! Fringe on!

Superhero drama Superior by Gregory Crafts gets workshop reading

Superhero drama Superior by Gregory Crafts gets workshop reading

Superior, Scene Two at Serial Killers, October 2017. Spoilers within.

Superior (working title, formerly known as The Anniversary Issue) is an ambitious and thrilling new action/drama stage play by Gregory Crafts. Join us this Sunday, February 10th for an intimate workshop reading of the latest draft! Stick around afterward to discuss the story and share your feedback! Snacks and drinks provided.

by Gregory Crafts

M-Pulse – Travis J. Dixon
Stephanie – Heather Lynn
The Owl – Caroline Sharp
Jonathan – Dallis Seeker
Maximus – Michael T. Coleman
Lady Voodoo – Julia Plostnieks

Workshop Reading
Sunday February 10th, 2018

1 PM – 3:30 PM
The Belfry Stage
11031 Camarillo St.
North Hollywood, CA 91602
*Please Note: The theatre is located inside St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, upstairs from Crown City Theatre Company.

2018 Workshop Reading of the First Draft! Spoilers within.

About the Play

First developed as a ten-minute play for Theatre Unleashed’s Play/Time in 2014, the script was re-mounted in August 2016 at Short+Sweet Hollywood, then expanded into a full-length play as a part of Serial Killers at Sacred Fools Theater later that year. A reading of the first full draft was organized in January 2018.

SYNOPSIS: It’s Kevin and Stephanie Connolly’s fifth wedding anniversary, and Kevin has a night of celebration planned for them. Of course, this means he won’t be going out on his regular patrol of Metro City as his alter-ego, M-Pulse, the self-appointed Eminence of Electromagnetism. But things should be fine without him for one night, right? Wrong. One would think that there could be no secrets left between a husband and wife after five years of matrimonial bliss, but when a powerful super villain’s attack interrupts Kevin and Stephanie’s date, a hero’s unmasking bears significant consequences for the Connollys. Consequences that will resonate and redefine their relationship forever.

About Gregory Crafts

Gregory Crafts has been writing original plays for over ten years. Three of his plays have landed with major publishing houses (Friends Like TheseSuper Sidekick: The MusicalYellow Means Caution), and a fourth, Three Can Keep a Secret, is currently being shopped around. Through TU’s 24-hour shows and playwright-driven productions like Play/Time and Passages, he has written over thirty original ten-minute plays, one of which premiers later this month with Force of Nature Productions. He has a number of new scripts currently in development, including a pair of musicals with writing partner Michael Gordon Shapiro, and a slapstick comedy about the worst Christmas Carol ever produced with fellow scribes Jim Blanchette and Jacob Smith. For more information about Greg or his plays, he recommends checking out his official website.