presented by The StageCrafts · 520 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004 · (323) 591-4849

studio/stage is a user-friendly multi-tasking, multi-hyphenate, multi-media production space, designed to exceed your creative needs.

studio/stage is gated, secure parking provides safety from the world at large.

studio/stage’s spacious loading dock makes set and prop load-in/load-out laughably simple.

studio/stage comes fully assembled with stage lighting, sound, and seats in a flexible configuration.

studio/stage‘s dressing rooms provide your cast and crew with simple comforts and a small sanctuary from the stresses of production.

studio/stage‘s heating and ventilation systems ensures that the scene is never too torrid nor frigid, dependent on chemistry.

studio/stage‘s full-service kitchen runs the gamut of events, from the full nine yards to do-it-yourself receptions.

studio/stage is suitable for: live performance, photo shoots, fashion shows and shoots, film shoots, pilots, music video shoots, classes, parties, events, fundraisers, showcases, screenings, art openings, casting sessions, rehearsals, readings, recitals, product demos and intros, press conferences, seminars, traffic school, international peace conferences, third party political conventions, a change of venue, juntas, speed dating events, religious services, and everything short of a cub scout meeting.

facility services

house staff parking available press staff technical staff wifi available

streaming services

streaming rentals available streaming services provided